Nick Andreoli; Certified Personal Trainer 

Nick has been in the fitness industry since 2011.  He began his journey into fitness in high school in hopes of bulking up to make the hockey team.  He quickly realized upon starting that he was able to get much stronger very quickly and that he was way more dedicated than his friends he had joined with.  This became a passion of his very quickly since he realized it was something he was good at.  He began coming on his own since his friends weren’t very reliable work out partners. 

He graduated Southern Connecticut State University with a BA in History.  Shortly after he began work at the Cheshire YMCA’s fitness center as a Fitness Instructor.  About a year later he became certified by ACE as a Personal Trainer.  Upon graduation he also began working with special needs students at Hamden High School where he has now returned to working. 

In 2013 he moved out to Chicago with his girlfriend who was pursuing her studies as a medical student.  They spent a year in the city where he worked at Xsport Fitness as a trainer. 

After the year his girlfriend had received her masters and they moved back home so she could focus on applying to medical school.  He picked up right where he had left off and began work back at the Cheshire YMCA and for Hamden Public Schools.  This time it was a unique program at Southern Connecticut State University.  He was working in a Transition program for special needs students who had finished high school but had transitioned to a college setting.  There they learned to become more independent and were provided assistance in a vocational setting both on and off campus.  His girlfriend got into medical school in the Maine the following year. 

Nick has experience in training a wide range of clients including young athletes and men and women of almost all ages.  He draws a strict focus upon form from his competitive powerlifting days.  He also specializes and is certified in TRX Suspension Training.  His other specialties include Interval Training.  He has also received continuing certifications in Nutrition as well as Longevity and Anti-aging. 

Currently Nick trains in Ninja Warrior here in Hamden, CT.  He trains 3-4 nights a week and is on Drew Drechsel’s team.  Drew is the current last man standing this season and has completed this honor twice in the American version.  Drew also competes internationally and has held this honor at least a couple times in Japan as well where the show started.  Nick competes in several local competitions throughout the northeast during the year.  He also had a chance to test the obstacles for the show before the competitors in Philadelphia this past season. 

His current certifications include:

·         CPR PRO/AED/First Aid

·         ACE Personal Trainer

·         Southern Connecticut State University- Bachelors of Arts: History