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Multisports Academy (MSA) was founded with a focus on promoting personal fitness and individual empowerment within southern Connecticut. MSA specializes in Small Group Training, Personal Training & Triathlon Coaching.


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A few weeks ago was my 5 year anniversary of my first Marathon (Chicago). That journey began 9 months earlier when I made a decision not to live like I was. At 45, I was over 220pounds, had high blood pressure, and was on my way to being diabetic. I chose to not only lose the weight but to make a life change by adding exercise to it.. I quickly fell in love with running and the gym, along with a new healthy diet. When I began my journey I was only able to run maybe a 1/4 of a mile without stopping so I decided to run/ walk each day for 1-2 miles. 1/4 mike run 1/4 mile walk. By the end of the month I was running a mile without stopping and 1-2 miles was now 3 miles. Ten months later I had gone from 220 plus pounds to 184. I had gone from barely running 1/4 of a mile to two 26.2 mile marathons in only a few weeks and this was just the beginning for me. I soon set my eyes on doing an Ironman, even though I didn’t know how to swim or even own a bicycle. Not to mention I had only eight months to learn and get into the shape so I could even have a chance to complete an Ironman. Lucky for me I found Clay Tebbetts and the MSA group. With his guidance and training I went from not being able to swim two laps in a pool or riding a bike to completing my 1rst Ironman. My journey has changed my life for the better not only my health, it has also changed me as a person. Under Clays guidance as my Tri Coach I have been blessed to be able to finish 3 full Ironman’s and a multitude of Marathons. Along with many new friends and teammates who have been such an inspiration to me. I feel so blessed and ready for more. To all my Mossman peeps especially my coach Clay Tebbetts,, I couldn’t have accomplished what I have without all of you.

A big Thank You to Clay & the MSA family.
— Bruno Suraci

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