Group Classes


Classes offered are all mixed level from beginner to advanced. The trainers/instructors are experienced, qualified and eager to modify your movement to prevent injury or re-injury.

Each class is kept small so that everyone gets the individual attention they need. All classes are first come, first served, so try to show up 10-15 minutes early. If a group gets full, the trainers are happy to adjust the room and still spoil you with personalized pointers.


Weighted For FRIDAY

Join us on Friday to concentrate on weights to sculpt and define the work from the week!  This class is planned to have a small burst of cardio with a whole lot of curling, pushing, pulling, lifting, and pressing of weight. Repetition will be key during this class with an emphasis on increasing your weight load as you progress. This is a *45 minute* class.



Includes timed circuits of functional training exercises designed to work the body as a whole while keeping the heart rate pumped. Suitable and adaptable for every level of fitness....beginner to advanced.


Cardio Surprise

Come play with Coach Dawn for this surprise Cardio Bootcamp at the crack of me!! You will definitely wake up and burn some calories before you start your day. All levels encouraged!


Indoor Cycle

Get a killer workout based on heart rate and perceived exertion while you listen to motivational music. These workouts make it possible to build bicycle skills and power very efficiently in a highly controlled environment. All indoor cycle sessions are led by a coach in a fun group setting in a convenient location. Bring your own bike or inquire about reserving one of MSA's Spin Bikes. 


H.I.I.T. it and Quit it!

Intense interval training at it's best!

30 minutes straight work! No time for lollygagging, you've got stuff to do...

You take a water break and/or rest if you want too :)



Butts & Gutts  is composed of exercises specifically designed to focus on lower body and core! Obliques, Abs, Core, name it - it's all the same.  Everyone absolutely needs a strong center to tap into for all aspects of life. That inner strength will spread to those extremities when you need it the most!  Balance, coordination, stability...



A mix of strength work combined with intervals of basic Russian kettlebell techniques. This is definitely a total body workout that drives the heartrate while working the muscles in new and challenging ways. Low impact, high intensity workout...major calorie burner. 



A popular regimen based on a 1996 study uses 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise (at an intensity of about 170% of VO2max) followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles). Although originally designed for two alternating cardio exercises, we throw a strength exercise in to burn more body fat!



Total Body

This workout is the better choice for your end of week happy hour! Exercises move through whole body chain working largest to smallest muscle groups. All abilities welcome with low to medium challenge level. Make this your 'happy hour' choice!



Meet the challenge and conquer your own body weight with TRX Suspension Trainers & the RIP Trainer! 60 minutes of cardio intervals mixed with the Fitness Anywhere Military Suspension System. Who doesn't want to feel their abs 3 days after a workout?!

Buy Class CardS

$40* — 4 Classes /
$72* — 8 Classes /
$96* — 12 Classes /
$112* — 16 Classes /
$75/Month — UNLIMITED /

Drop-in Classes
$15/Class — Adult /
$8/Class — Student

*Class Cards Expire After 60 Days Student Discounts Available