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FALL 2014 News

Swim Lesson Program for Adults is NOW open! Drop Ins by appointment with Coach Clay - ANY Level encouraged.

BARRE SWEAT - New Class! Wednesdays at 5:30 pm!!
Stay tuned for more new offerings here at MSA......

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Do you know

what Cruciferous Vegetables are??

There’s been more talk of late of the cruciferous vegetables, also known, from its genus name, as “the brassicas.” This is because these sulphur containing vegetables are being touted as a way to lower your cancer risk. Indeed, these vegetables along with all the others help make-up a healthy and colorful diet.

 Bring on the brassicas!

 Broccoli                Cabbage                         Wasabi

Cauliflower           Brussels Sprouts           Bok Choy

Arugula                 Collard Greens               Horseradish

Kale                       Radishes                        Rutabega

Turnip                   Watercress                    

Phyto means plant. While scientists have classified vitamins and minerals, there are many other substances found only in plants that are believed to be helpful. Certainly common sense dictates that we are healthier when we eat our vegetables. These plant substances are known as phytonutrients or phytochemicals.

Cruciferous vegetables contain the phytochemicals sulforaphane, flavones, and indole-3-carbinol, that have been shown to reduce breast cancer risk.

Steam, bake, sautee, blend, stir-fry, or raw. Eat ‘em any way that makes you happy. But do eat them!


Education and acceptance is so important in this journey called life. You have to be that old dog that WILL learn new tricks or the healthier you might not evolve. Have more questions about better choices, contact dawn@multisportsacademy.com for a free appointment.


EXCITING NEWS at MSA! We are the first studio in the New Haven area to have POUND! Stay tuned for the new schedule in November & December........






Personal and Small Group Training

Stuck in your regular routine? Need some help reaching your goals? Want to workout with friends?

Coach Dawn has openings for Personal Training as well as Small Group Training Sessions. Get one-on-one attention or workout with a small group of 6 or less!

Get the help you need to reach your fitness goals!!

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